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Free program to change workplace culture to eliminate sexual harassment

Excerpt shared from TORONTO SUN click the link below this text to read the full article.

Ontario’s craft brewery industry is just one example of a male-dominated industry that is evolving to create healthier workplaces.

Sexual harassment can happen in any workplace, but it is especially acute in male-dominated industries — including less obvious ones like Ontario’s craft brewery industry. The SHAPE project, funded by the federal Department of Justice, aims to reduce harassment by offering free resources and training to employers who want to create a safer working environment for their employees.

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The SHAPE project, (the acronym stands for Sexual Harassment Advice, Prevention, Education), a coalition of 20 community legal centres across Ontario, provides free public legal education and information about addressing workplace sexual harassment to employers and workers, and legal advice to workers who are or have been harassed.

“It would be great if we could stop all sexual harassment, but that’s not going to happen right away,” says SHAPE lawyer Amanda Driscoll. “It’s more about changing the culture of the workplace so that people feel comfortable speaking up when they witness or experience harassment.”

Exact statistics about how prevalent sexual harassment is in the workplace are hard to come by because they are notoriously underreported, says Driscoll, but Statistics Canada numbers from 2020 show that 25 per cent of women reported experiencing inappropriate sexualized behaviour in the workplace. It’s not just a problem for women, says Driscoll, noting the same survey showed 17 per cent of men reported harassment. The numbers are even higher for racialized workers, individuals with disabilities and members of queer communities.

This link will redirect you to a YouTube channel that shares informational videos about the following topics:

1) What is Sexual Harassment?

2) What Do I Do if I’ve Been Sexually Harassed at Work?

3) What Can I Do to Help Prevent Sexual Harassment at Work (Employers)?

4) What Do I Do If an Incident is Reported (Employers)?

Please review and share this information to relatives, colleges and everyone that could find it useful.

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