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Board of Directors

The Algoma Community Legal Clinic is run by a community elected Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis on the third Tuesday day of every month with no meetings in the months of July and August.

Our annual general meeting (AGM) is held each year and it is at this time that new board members from the community can be elected. This meeting is open to the public and for a small fee ($1.00), you can become a voting member of the clinic.

Current Board Members

  • BAILEY, Nancy - Vice President

  • HARASYMIW, David - Secretary

  • McFARLING, Lynda - Treasurer

  • VERHELST, Pierre - Chairperson

  • MANITOWABI, Connie

  • NOEL, Barb

  • REID, Kevin

  • SIROIS, Glen

  • WOOLLEY, Larry

  • WRIGHT, George

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